Brenda Gill - Colour, style and image consultant

Transforming You

I have always had a love for colour and design. I believe that people feel amazing when they look amazing.

Let me help you with your entire image. This is such a great investment. It will set you up to always look good, no matter your age or body type.

Save lots of money in the future by never making a clothing mistake again, while looking ’10 years younger’ in the perfect colours for you. (Trained under the Unique Style System brand).

If you have any personal issues you would like to deal with or major life choices to make, I am qualified and experienced in counselling and motivational solution focused therapy. MANZASW, SWRB RegPrac.

As well as being available throughout Southland, Central Otago and Queenstown, I visit Melbourne twice a year and I am available for consultations while there. Please contact me for dates.