My Transforming You experience with Brenda has been wonderful. The comments from others about the colours I am wearing has been a revelation - people do notice what you wear especially when the colour and style suit you perfectly. Brenda’s enthusiasm for what she does gives you confidence in what she does and in yourself. Thank you.

Alison K, Invercargill

My experience with Brenda was fantastic! I loved learning about what my colours were and I enhanced this further by attending her style session. It has made my shopping trips so much more enjoyable as I now know exactly what I should be looking for! I love my colours and would have no problems recommending Brenda and the Transforming You experience to anyone.

Trinity, Invercargill

I was fairly sceptical of the idea of having my colours assessed at first as did not realise the importance. Brenda was extremely confident and professional and during my session I was amazed to see the difference that certain colours had with my complexion and the difference this made to my appearance. Through careful explanation I was able to understand what colours where best for me. I have changed the way I shop and bought colours I would not have dared before and the best things is now the compliments from people.

Sam, Invercargill

Just a few wee words to say thanks for the insight and words of wisdom while getting my colour and style consultation done with you. I know I have a style personality now LOL, and can go shopping for Items that I know will look good on me. No more silly mistakes and making purchases that sit in my wardrobe never being worn! It’s great to be able to go to a store and know what style to look for, if it doesn’t fit my style put it back on the rack! I now get comments from people on how good I look in my colours. I am wearing some new colours that I didn’t know suited me, so happy shopping to me!

Annalisa, Makarewa

I would like to share with others who may be interested in having their ‘Transforming You’ colours and wardrobe planning done, that I just love my colours. I am mixing and matching loads of clothes now as my colours all interchange. Wearing my colours makes me feel alive and fun, this along with realising that I do have good parts of my body has meant I am having fun layering clothes and feeling great in the choices I am making. I don’t think I have great self-esteem when it comes to my body so I really appreciate the time and effort you showed me. I hope that this testimonial helps others see the value in having their colours and wardrobe planning done, thank goodness I did! Cheers.

Sue Dynes, Wyndham

Getting my colours done was great. I now know what colours to buy when I purchase new things which is very helpful! The makeup Brenda used on me was wonderful and light. I have sensitive skin that reacts with most makeups but this one is fine. I have since purchased the mineral foundation and find it has great coverage and I don't even feel like I'm wearing foundation! I also bought the Strawberry Punch lipstick which goes with my Summer colours beautifully :)

Beth F, Dunedin

Wow!! What a great experience my time with Brenda was. She helped me clear out all the wrong colours for my wardrobe then off shopping we went and Brenda showed me all the right colours and styles to buy. Absolutely amazing!!! The comments and looks that I now get are unreal. I also feel real great and my confidence has risen 100%. I highly recommend this service with Brenda to anyone who wants to change their life forever. Thanks a million Brenda. I love the new me xx

Lynn Cuckow, Melbourne

One of those things that I thought I ‘didn’t need’, that became a real tool on how I carry myself forward most days. Getting my colours done has taught me about the direct link from how I look to how I feel. From a simple change in my blush colour, to removing my black puffer to a coloured one, What a difference. Thank you so much!

Narnia, Invercargill